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Halo Gel 0

What It Is



   As you may have noticed, people of all ages and backgrounds can be susceptible to dark circles—The patches of dark beneath the eyes that are often perceived as indicating tiredness or lethargy.


     In fact, most people with Dark Circles are perfectly healthy.


    And yet, Dark circles not only affect the way we look, they also affect the way we feel. Hearing people ask, “did you get enough sleep last night” can become a self-fulfilling prophecy, causing us to actually feel tired and depressed.


   If you have Dark Circles, you’ve probably thought about having them removed, or covering them with makeup. 


     But for long term dark circle results, you need something more.


    You need Halo Gel, Magic Leaf’s first ever Dark Circle treatment. Delivered as an easy-to-apply topical Gel, Halo Gel is a Dark Circle treatment you can apply from the comfort of your home!


Halo Gel

How It Works


    Halo Gel is a topical gel based on a combination of Haloxyl® and Caffeine. Haloxyl® is itself a combination of ingredients, each of which is designed to treat one of the main causes of dark circles (dark circles are a multi-cause condition, and we use a multi-source formula to treat every potential cause).














Halo Gel




    Ingredients used in the production of Halo Gel Include:


  • Haloxyl®.
  • Water.
  • Caffeine.
  • Aloe Barbadians Leaf Extract.
  • Aloe Lilly Fragrance. 




Halo Gel