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Scientists Say That Women Who Used Hi-Lash’s Main Ingredient Got 25% Longer Lashes On Average, In Just Two Weeks!



Long eyelashes have always been a symbol of natural, feminine beauty.


Naturally, lengthening your lashes is a great way to look better for a formal event, or any time you just want to look striking.


For decades, women wanting prettier eyelashes have relied on extensions made of synthetic and natural fibers; clip on attachments found in pharmacies and beauty shops everywhere.


But not only are most eyelash extensions visible to the naked eye, they also have a tendency to become loose and fall off, and even worse, weaken your natural lashes.


Getting caught with a fake eyelid hanging off your face is not only embarrassing, but unnecessary.


Recent advances in cosmetic science have led to the discovery of a fascinating new set of compounds, a family of peptides that have the ability to promote NATURAL eye lash extension.


A peptide is a naturally occurring acid, found naturally in the human body, which aids in the growth of body structures. Peptides are well known for their important role in cellular reproduction.


For the longest time, these compounds, known as SymPeptides®, were only available in the most high end boutiques around the world.


But today, thanks to sophisticated new production techniques, SymPeptides® are available all over the world.



Here’s How Hi-Lash Works Its Magic



Scientists have always known that promoting hair growth is the key to long, luscious lashes.


But until recently, agents promoting natural eyelash growth have eluded even the most dedicated research teams.


That’s why SymPeptides® have beencalled a “miracle discovery” for the cosmetics industry.


They offer targeted hair regrowth that works at a cellular level, re-growing your eyelash hair while leaving the rest of your body unaffected.


Hi-Lash works by combining two of the powerful SymPeptides®, each with their own distinct strengths:





·         SymPeptide 226

·         SymPeptide 235


In clinical trials, Sympeptide 226 was found to increase Keratin levels by up to 125%, while Sympeptide 235 was found to increase Keratin levels by up to 161%.


Hi-Lash works by combining Sympeptide 226 and 235 with four other clinically tested ingredients, to stimulate eyelash growth as much as possible.

And, the clinical trials have spoken:


Patients treated with Sympeptide 226 and 235 saw astounding eyelash growth of  25% on average in as little as two weeks!


The lengthening is comparable to what can be achieved withwith eye lash attachments, but also, natural and long-lasting. With Hi-Lash, you’ll never have to clip on an extension, because your own lashes will be naturally longer!

If you want longer lashes, the decision is clear:


Invest in Hi-Lash today, and enjoy naturally long lashes that look great, and stay!






How To Use Hi-Lash For Maximum Benefit


1.   Open the lid to the tube containing the gel(the tube must remain sealed when not in use).

2.   Use the brush to apply gel on the lashes, then apply mascara.

3.   Seal the tube.

4.   Repeat once a day for repeated absorption.


Following these instructions, you will begin to see noticeably longer lashes in 14 to 30 days.


Hi-Lash is by far the most advanced and effective lash lengthening solution on the market today. If you want to enjoy longer lashes without usingextensions, now is the time to get your first shipment of Hi-Lash and see what a difference Magic Leaf can make.





Order now and receive your first shipment in 7-10 days.