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What It Is


     Wrinkles. One of the pains of aging is seeing your natural, smooth skin become brittle and cracked. There are many solutions wrinkle solutions on the market, some good, some bad. But most home-based anti-wrinkle solutions just haven’t offered the same level of effectiveness as the more  expensive clinical treatments.


       Until Now.


     Introducing Retinol+, the all-natural anti-aging cream from Magic Leaf. Based on Retinol Palmitate (otherwise known as Vitamin A), Retinol+ cures wrinkles the ALL NATURAL way, relying on 100% botanical and vitamin-based sources.


     Retinol+ comes in 3 specialized versions (in addition to the standard version), one each for use in the day and at night, and for use on the sensitive areas around the eyes. 



     Eye cream – Designed for use on wrinkles around the eyes, this version is light and easy on the skin.


    Day cream – This invisible formula has been designed for use during the day, and can be worn beneath makeup.


    Night cream – This highly concentrated formula is very powerful and is best used at night, since it is not intended to be worn beneath makeup or in the daytime.


How It Works


     Retinol (otherwise known as vitamin A) is one of the most essential nutrients for skin health and vitality. The body uses Vitamin A to promote skin growth, meaning that it helps to generate new skin cells to replace dead skin. This makes it one of the most essential ingredients for holistic, natural skin care.


     To apply Retinol+, simply squeeze a drop of the cream out of the bottle onto your finger, and apply on any areas where you find wrinkles. 




     Ingredients used in Retinol+ include:



-      Retinol Palimate (or Vitamin A, a natural rejuvenating agent).


-      Glyceryl Stearate (a potent emulsifier).


-      More than a dozen herbal and botanical ingredients including soybean oil, shea butter, jojoba oil, sunflower oil, Aloe Barbadensis, and Goat Milk Extract.