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Skin Care

Skin Care

A Must for your daily routine!

You often find yourself looking in the mirror with longing and thinking what could you do? What could you do to make your skin look fairer? What could you do to make your skin clearer? What could you do to make it healthier? What could you do to make it glow?

You wonder but you never do anything about it. Not really. You would head to the salon, you will get a skin treatment and a facial once in a while but what you have got to ask is? Is that enough? You spend so much time and money all at once and the results only last you for a few days. There is no permanent effect of all those products they use on your skin. All you are left with is dry, patchy, rough and dull skin that makes you look in the mirror and sigh.

In this regard the best thing you could do is to establish a routine in your daily life where skin care is a priority. Skin care isn’t just a name, it’s a process that you apply to your skin and for it to yield the right results. There are a few essentials that you must be aware of; the type of skin you have and choosing an array of beauty and skincare products that will work with your specific skin type.

Magic Leaf Skin Care understands all skin types and has a specific range of products that are suitable for all types of skin. These products are made using natural ingredients from herbal to botanical material to minerals from the Dead Sea. We ensure that all our ingredients are of the top notch quality to guarantee best results and excellent compatibility with your specific skin type that will give your skin a shining and healthy glow.

Before you make your decision about any Magic Leaf skincare products for yourself, we would suggest you determine what kind of skin you have. This will help you formulate a skincare routine and choose the most suitable products we have to offer for your skin type. The type of skin is determined by the oil production of your skin. A person’s skin produces its natural oils and they are affected by several factors including; diet, exercise, hormone levels, medication, stress levels and even your skin care routine.

So before you make your skincare routine, you have to confirm the type of skin you have. There are four skin types defined by the Magic Leaf experts:


- Oily skin

- Combination skin

- Dry Skin

- Sensitive skin


Oily Skin

People whose skin produces a lot of oil on a regular basis have oily skin. They have a particularly shiny T-zone i.e. forehead, nose and chin. The causes for oily skin are enlarged pores and hyper sebaceous glands which makes the skin prone to break outs and blackheads.

Oily skinned people don’t have to worry too much though. The constant oil production keeps their skin moisturized and plump. This means that there wrinkles take longer to appear and their skin ages better than people with dry skin.

It is just a matter of taking care of your oily skin with special care. For your oily skin, make sure to wash your face regularly with a cleanser which are formulated especially for oily skin. Exfoliating your skin twice or thrice a week is also suggested followed by using an oil-free moisturizer that would help your skin retain moisture. For breakouts, the experts suggest astringents and Magic Leaf products can offer a variety to suit your skin type. Magic Leaf Skincare products have a collection formulated especially for oily skin


Combination Skin

For the women who don’t really fit the profile for oily skin and dry skin might have what is called combination skin. In this skin type, women have an oily T-zone accompanied by dry spots/patches present on their faces. Combination skin features medium sized pores, good circulation of blood in the skin and a healthy glow to their faces.

So if you have combination skin, you should care for your T-zone which is producing oil. Astringent is the best product to control the oil producing areas. Exfoliation will benefit the skin in both areas by getting rid of your dead cells and rejuvenating the skin to attain that healthy glow. Magic Leaf Skincare offers a variety of products made especially for combination skin.


Dry Skin

Probably the most common problem that persists around the world regarding skincare in women is dry skin. Before you could identify your skin type as dry, you must know that if you have dry skin then you would experience, red patches, flaking and fine wrinkles. If you have all these problems than your dry skin is making your face look dull and ashy because of the dry skin cell accumulation. This is caused by the hormones malfunction. The hormones dry out causing the pores to tighten and leave the skin without any natural moisturizing causing the skin to dry out and become flaky.

What should you do if you have dry skin? Moisturize is the key word. All the skincare products you have must have active moisturizers that give your skin enough moisture to retain its healthy look. Exfoliation helps in decreasing the dead skin cells build up which in turn prevents flaking and ashy looking skin. Magic Leaf has an extensive range of moisturizers, cleansers, face creams and exfoliation lotions and scrubs that will keep you dry skin pampered and perfect.


Sensitive Skin

Have you got that type of skin that normal skincare products usually don’t work with? A face that is lined with fine pores? Skin that goes red and blotchy when you step out in the sun? That skin which is easily irritated with cosmetics and other products? Well then, you have got sensitive skin.

If you do have this type of skin, you are spending a lot of bucks on a dermatologist because finding products that work with your skin take a lot of time and energy to find. Lucky for you Magic Leaf Skincare recognizes your pain and have formulated special products with the best natural products that will not only suit your skin but also help you maintain a healthy looking skin that you thought you weren’t privileged to.


Magic Leaf Skincare has products for each and every type of skin type and we suggest our entire line especially designed for your special skin type and help you get a move ahead with making your own skincare routine. By finding all that you need for making your skincare routine in one place, skincare couldn’t have been easier. So if you thought you didn’t have the privilege to look beautiful and glowing…think again.